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First Project:

I will write stories, and possibly turn it into a comic later on, about how there were species of "Monster-Girls" in ancient times and they have recently resurfaced and have been integrated into human society. However trust is not very good, so things have to go very smoothly. One man, who's name i haven;'t come up with yet, accidentally gets stuck being teh host to a Monstergirl and, well, he's gonna be in for the ride of his life. The Monstergirls in ancient times were very... sensual, they would use human males (and depending on the species, sometimes females) to get their energy. You can guess how they got it. However, the law between Non-Human integration doesn't permit "lewd acts" due to teh distrust between species. And, well, the Monster Girl that he's stuck with is very passionate. I want to clarify, Monstergirls can get energy from eating normal food and drinking normal liquids.

Second Project:

I will write stories, and possibly turn it into a comic later on, about an alternate universe that is essentially a giant jungle filled with giant animals. This takes place in the same universe as my first project's universe. So its filled with Giant Monster Girls, but all the human males are too small to have sex with. So they eat humans (males and females) too get soul energy. However, one day, through the portal that new humans come through, out comes Godzilla (or to avoid copyright a creature similar to him) and he's the same problem as the Monster girls Their natural instincts to mate take over, however Godzilla has no interest in mating, just fighting. SO it's gonna be pretty wild. However, in the 3rd/4th chapter/edition Godzilla will be afflicted by something that makes him want to mate, but he still wants to fight. So he'll fight a Monster girl then mate with her. The parts without Godzilla will mainly be vore. I'm not a huge Vore fan though.

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